Episode 311 – Canto: David Booher & Drew Zucker Interview

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  • Trailer Talk - Extraction (Netflix)
  • Amalgamess - Could a DC/Marvel crossover actually hurt part of the comics industry?
  • InstaTease - Did a post from John Cena reveal that he will be playing a popular Valiant character.
  • Office Space - A new sci-fi comedy is coming to Netflix with Steve Carell.

Feature Interview

If you're searching for a little bit of heart right now, come on a quest with us! This week, we're talking to writer David Booher and artist Drew Zucker about their fantasy series, Canto from IDW Publishing. If you've never heard of Canto, they'll tell you what to expect. You can also find out why this story is perfect for the times we're going through right now, how they came up with the idea of these tin knights and much more! Plus, get an update on what's to come for potential sequels and one shots! CANTO VOL. 1 IS AVAILABLE NOW AT BOOKSTORES, COMIC BOOK SHOPS AND DIGITAL RETAILERS!