We’re Finally Getting A ‘Canto’ Animated Movie

It's always good to bring a little more heart to the screen.  You've heard me talk about Canto more than a couple of times on the podcast.  Series creators David Booher and Drew Zucker were even on the podcast to talk about the book.  If memory serves me, I asked them about a possible adaptation of their fan favorite creation.  That is now becoming a reality.

Westbrook Studios will be adapting Canto as an animated film.  Right now it's being billed as an "animated feature", implying a trip to the big screen, but you never know if a streaming service will come in and snatch this one up for big bucks.  Who wouldn't want Canto's heroic journey of forbidden love and literally finding the hearts of his people on their service?  I'm just saying, don't rule anything out.

Booher will write the screenplay and executive produce alongside Zucker. Jon Mone will produce. Ryan Shimazaki will oversee the project on behalf of Westbrook Studios. It's obviously too soon to start talking about casting details.

"It’s rare to find a partner like Westbrook who shares our values, both creatively and personally," says Booher. "Like us, Jon and Ryan see Canto as a story about hope, and I’m thrilled to work with them to bring it to the screen."

"David and Drew have created a world full of adventure, determination and hope," said Jon Mone, Co-President of Westbrook Studios, Head of Motion Pictures. "It reminds us of the importance of love and to fight for those we care about and we are so thrilled to work with them to share the magic of this inspiring little hero on the big screen."

Here's hoping that, by the time that Canto can hit theaters, it will be to a packed house.  This is a story of hope that I was drawn to immediately from the first issue.  I really believe that this story could really take off on the screen, so I'm happy to see that Canto will get that opportunity.  You better believe that I'll have more updates when they are available.

Photo Credit: IDW Publishing