Zoë Kravitz Goes From LEGO Catwoman To Live Action In ‘The Batman’

I’ve seen a lot of headlines and stories written about this, but I couldn’t resist putting this in my headline. First, I should point out that Deadline has reported that Zoë Kravitz (Big Little Lies) has been cast as Selina Kyle/Catwoman for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The report says that the deal is already signed, making Kravitz the first to have her name confirmed to join the cast alongside Robert Pattinson.

Kravitz was the voice of Catwoman in the LEGO Batman Movie. It’s very rare to see an actor/actress who has voiced a character go on to then play the character in live action. It has happened in the reverse order, but this is very atypical. Kravitz is also no stranger to comic book movies, having been in X-Men: First Class. She has many other accomplished roles, and certainly has the potential to be a great Catwoman. I think we can agree that her chemistry with Pattinson’s Batman will be a big key here.

Since we don’t really have any confirmation on the plot, or other confirmed characters, it’s hard to narrow down exactly what role Catwoman will play in the story. I will admit, seeing a story similar to Batman: Year One could be interesting. Quite frankly, you and I are both aware that there are plenty of great stories to choose from. Reeves has implied that this story could be an original, which wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world.

No matter what, things are starting to take shape for The Batman. All the speculation will end when the movie finally hits theaters June 25, 2021.

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