Scarlett Has Been Cast For ‘Snake Eyes’ Spinoff Movie

Ready or not, the latest attempt to revive G.I. Joe on the big screen will be here before you know it. Snake Eyes is set to start filming soon, and a major player has been added to the cast. Variety reports that Samara Weaving (Ready Or Not) has been cast to play Scarlett in the upcoming spinoff.

Any fan of the G.I. Joe franchise knows how important Scarlett is. She is one of the leaders of the Joe’s and very well respected. Not to mention, she is a first class bad ass. I’m actually a bit surprised that she was not the focus of the first solo movie in this franchise. Be that as it may, I still think she will be a big part of this movie. Scarlett and Snake Eyes have worked very closely together for years. Hopefully this will be no different.

As far as Weaving is concerned, she has certainly shown that she can handle a role like this. Ready Or Not was also a surprise hit at the box office, so she is definitely a star on the rise. Let’s face it, star power hasn’t exactly worked for Paramount with previous G.I. Joe movies. Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, all of whom weren’t enough to sustain past two movies.

This cast includes Henry Golding as Snake Eyes, Ursula Corbero as The Baroness, Iko Uwais as Hard Master and Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow. Don’t look now, but Snake Eyes is scheduled to hit theaters from Paramount and AllSpark Pictures on October 16, 2020.

Photo by Eric Zachanowich. © 2019 Twentieth Century Fox