We Unbox ‘The Flash: The Complete Fifth Season’ on Blu-Ray

Power dampening daggers, daughters from the future and plenty of other big moments.  There was a lot going on in Season 5 of The Flash.  You probably remember reading our announcement for the upcoming release of The Complete Fifth Season on Blu-Ray & DVD.  Now it's here and we're giving you a look inside!  Check out my unboxing:

Remember the only way to get all three episodes of the Elseworlds crossover is to get the Blu-Ray/Digital Combo pack.  Here is a list of episodes for this season (keep a look out for links to my reviews of some of these episodes.)

1.   Nora
2.   Blocked
3.   The Death of Vibe
4.   News Flash
5.   All Doll'd Up
6.   The Icicle Cometh
7.   O Come, All Ye Thankful
8.   What's Past Is Prologue
9.   Elseworlds: Hour One
10.Elseworlds: Hour Two
11.Elseworlds: Hour Three
16.Cause and XS
18.Failure Is an Orphan
19.Time Bomb
21.Snow Pack

You can also hear our interviews with the case from SDCC 2018 before Season 5 even aired!  Own your copy now at your favorite retailer!

(NOTE: A copy of this Blu-Ray was provided by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment for review/promotional purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.)

Photo Credit: Down And Nerdy Podcast
The Flash figure shown does not come with the Blu-Ray set.

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