REVIEW – The Flash – Season 5 Episode 18 – “Godspeed”

In order to find out where you’re going, sometimes you have to go back to where you began. In this case, a trip to the future is in order. The fallout of the last episode of The Flash is here, and so is “Godspeed”.

We pick up immediately after Barry puts Nora in the cell. Emotions are running high, and Barry seems to be the most angry of the bunch. The biggest question is, why did Nora start working with The Reverse Flash? Barry decides it’s time for someone to read Nora’s diary. Time to find out what happened in 2049.

Nora the CSI is called to investigate a case of stolen chemicals. It seems simple, until she uncovers a compound that should have knocked the thief out cold. Nora realizes that they are dealing with a speedster, and only her friend and colleague Leah knows the truth. During her investigation, she comes face to face with Godspeed. Their first meeting ends abruptly when she gets zapped by the villain. After this, Nora discovers that she is also a speedster. Fast forward to realizing that she has always had these powers, and her mother has been dampening them her entire life.

The confrontation between Nora and her mother is inevitable and quite uncomfortable. This comes after Godspeed kills Leah right in front of her. It turns out, Nora’s motives aren’t all that different from her father’s. Driven by the loss of someone that you love. This seems to be what, in the present day, leads Iris to let Nora out of her cell to explain herself. Barry isn’t happy about this, but the story now continues.

We see earlier in the story that Nora goes to visit Thawne to get information on how to find and stop a speedster. So this Godspeed investigation is what started the partnership with Thawne. We also see how Thawne becomes her teacher, much like he was to her father. This is a reminder of just how much Thawne loves the Speed Force. It’s also a reminder of better days in a lot of ways for Thawne. He hasn’t had a life for 15 years, now he suddenly has a protege. Then you smack yourself and remember that this is still the REVERSE FLASH that we’re talking about. So yes, it was great that they caught the bad guy and that Nora is finally understand his powers, but that can’t be enough to redeem him. Can it?

Nora wants Thawne to train her, and this is also fueled by Nora’s current mistrust of her mother. Problem is, Thawne is going to die soon. What he does tell her, is how to access the secret Gideon room inside of Star Labs/The Flash Museum. Oh by the way, Nora had no idea her dad was The Flash until Gideon told her. I’m guessing this won’t help her trust her mother either. So the resentment that we saw earlier makes even more sense now. So the truth is out there, what now?

One thing Barry can’t wrap his head around is why Nora kept going back to Thawne. The fact that she kept it from them is also something Barry can’t seem to forgive. Barry takes her back to her own time, and tells her not to come back. He also goes to confront Thawne about everything that happened with Nora. At this point, Barry is on another level emotionally and tells Thawne he’s getting what he deserves. Barry says that Thawne lost, but did he? Look at all of the damage he was still able to cause Barry from a prison cell in the future. Think about that for a second. THAT is power! Barry is heartbroken again, Nora is devastated that her father has cast her out and we don’t even know what Iris thinks of all of this yet. With a larger threat looming, this family/team is in utter chaos.

The only real problem I had with this episode was how much they really squandered an opportunity with Godspeed. They did change his comic book origin and storyline. In truth, they glossed over a lot of it. They also failed to show the true depths of his powers. Even with Thawne’s help, there is no way a rookie speedster would be able to handle Godspeed that easily. So just as a fan of the character, that was quite upsetting for me.

There was also a lot about this episode that was done right. Danielle Panabaker directing an inexperienced and damaged Nora really added depth to a character that had been largely lacking it. This may also be the most unyielding that we have ever seen Barry in the entire run of this show. Knowing how much his daughter loved and admired him, and to still have things end the way that they did was sad, but a nice twist. It would have been easy to go happy ending right away there, but they took the more interesting route. I am willing to bet that pays of in a big way later on.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Flash?