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We have been waiting for a while to find out what the fallout would be from The Flash midseason finale.  There were certainly many questions, and now we have at least SOME answers as to what may be going on.  I won't dive in to every aspect of The Flash & The Furious, but there were a couple of significant developments to come out of this episode. (WARNING:  SPOILERS AHEAD FOR SEASON 5 EPISODE 10!)


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I feel like the biggest thing in this episode had nothing to do with The Flash at all (at least not yet and not directly.)  Caitlin finally removes the shards from Cicada's dagger out of Cisco's hand.  Instead of discarding them, she gives them to Cisco, who then decides to analyze them.  Long story short, he finds out that they could possibly be used to create a metahuman cure that would remove powers completely.  This leads to the obvious ethical question of such a venture, and as you can expect, Killer Frost is not too thrilled with the prospect.  She destroys Cisco's research, which seemed like it would lead to yet another rift between Caitlin and Cisco.  What we find out is that Cisco may not want his powers and wants to lead a normal life.  Caitlin then takes Cisco to her father's lab, where she believes he can continue his research.  They set a rule that they will never force a cure on anyone.  Of course, as a fan, I'm screaming at my TV telling them not to do this and that it's a very bad idea.  I get the reason behind it, but you and I both know that this is far too likely to fall into the wrong hands.  I want to be wrong about this, but I can't imagine that I am.  Is this the journey that Carlos was eluding to that Cisco would be going on this season when I talked to him at Comic-Con last year?  Only time will tell.


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With Barry out of the picture thanks to some extra dark matter corrupting his powers, this gave Nora the hero spotlight.  Before we get to her confrontation with the Weather Witch and her reluctant criminal cohort, we do get a bit of a clue as to why Nora was seen with Eobard Thawne.  It seems that Thawne want to redeem himself for his past transgressions, and actually taught Nora how to time travel so she could go see her father.  What Nora didn't know until she met her father, is how much of a monster Thawne was and who he was responsible for killing.  This leads Nora down a path of mistrust that she then projects on the Weather Witch in the present.  Nora is forced to testify, since Barry can't leave STAR Labs, and loses her cool when Cecile appears to be pursuing a lighter sentence for the Weather Witch.  While Cecile senses that she has remorse and does not want to be a criminal, Nora believes that criminals can't change.  This brings the argument of "do heroes create the very villains they have to stop?" to the front burner, as Weather Witch clearly decides to embrace her evil after Nora turns her back in to the police.  Eventually, Nora has a heart to heart with her dad, in a moment that is one of the reasons we love Barry.  I'm paraphrasing, but he tells Nora that he believes everyone has good in them and that "if we don't believe in them, who will?"  Nora atones for her mistake and it all ends up working out.

The main question left here is, can she trust Thawne and should she?  The easy answer is no, until you consider Thawne's ego.  It burns at him that he was defeated by Barry, and he wants to maintain some sort of legacy.  He even mentions that he does not want to be remembered for the man that he is now.  Still, it's hard to imagine there isn't some sort of motive behind his actions, and he clearly sees how impressionable and naive that Nora is right now.  Then there is Sherlock Wells, who seems to have an agenda of his own tied to Barry's writings when he returned from the Speed Force.  It's hard to not feel like these two things are connected, but we see at the end of the episode that he might be starting to suspect that Nora is up to something.

One thing that The Flash has done very well this season is evolving their threat.  We have a metahuman killer, and now have evolved in to metahuman tech as well.  At the same time, now we're looking at the possibility of a complete metahuman cure.  After 10 episodes, it's clear that The Flash has found a balance that they have been missing a bit in recent seasons.  Yes there are some very serious issues going on this season, but they have found a lighter mood that we have not really felt since Season 2.  We saw that being with Ralph last season, and the addition of Nora seems to really be the missing piece that they needed.

What did you think of this episode and what are some of your theories as to what is going on?

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