Episode 248 – Deadly Class & The Passage: Taylor Hickson & Liz Heldens Interviews

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We've been talking a lot about The Passage lately.  This week, we take an even deeper look with Executive Producer, Liz Heldens!  Keep listening to hear our interview.  THAT'S NOT ALL!  We also have a review of the first 5 episodes of the new Carmen Sandiego series from Netflix!

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Nerd News

  • Trailer Talk - Spider-Man: Far From Home, Happy! Season 2, John Wick 3
  • Back From The Dead - A Ghostbusters revival, set in the original universe, is coming.
  • MK11 News - We recap the big news and visuals from the Mortal Kombat 11 streaming event.

Feature Interview

It's time to pick your poison this week! We're talking to Taylor Hickson about playing Petra on Deadly Class! Find out what she has to say about her fellow rats, working with Rick Remender and more! Plus we ask her about what would happen if Deadpool entered the halls of Kings Dominion!

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