‘The Batman’ First Trailer Revealed At DC FanDome

We were hoping for a teaser, but I don’t think any of us expected a full trailer. Matt Reeves said that only about 25% of The Batman has been filmed, yet he still brought a full trailer to DC FanDome. Prepare yourself:

It feels so different, doesn’t it? I think any doubts about Robert Pattinson should be erased after this. We also got to see what feels like a very dark murder mystery. There appears to already be a relationship between the GCPD and Batman, in the second year of him being a vigilante.

Reeves also talked about how flawed of a Batman that we will see in this movie. We’ll see wear and tear in the Batsuit, which they worked on for a year. The Batmobile will look like something that Batman built himself. This is a Batman that we will see make mistakes, something we’re not used to on screen.

He also talked about how Gotham will essentially be Liverpool, with some modern elements mixed in via CG. Again, something different than we are used to seeing. From the setting to the characters, Reeves seems to be focused on giving us versions of these characters that we have never seen before.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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