‘Wynonna Earp’ Ending At The Conclusion Of Season 4

It looks like Earpers got some sad news to start the new year. The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news that Wynonna Earp will end with the final few episodes of Season 4 on Syfy. If you’re wondering whether or not this will end up in another #FightForWynonna campaign, this ending seems like it’s for keeps.

Showrunner Emily Andras took to social media to react to the news:

While this is not the news any fan wanted, we do finally have a premiere date for the latter half of Season 4. Wynonna Earp returns to Friday at 10pm on March 5th. There are six episodes left in the series. Syfy was expected to renew the series for a fifth season, but that is no longer the case. Remember, there were funding issues with IDW Entertainment, so we almost didn’t even get this season. Does that mean it’s over?

The report suggests that the series will be shopped to other networks. Given the show’s very vocal and passionate fan base, it feels like another home isn’t out of the question. At the same time, with the statement from Andras and reaction from members of the cast, this certainly does feel like the end. We’ll keep an eye on this one and keep you posted on any updates.

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY