‘The Falcon And The Winter Solider’ Gets A Big Game Trailer, Poster & Confirmed Release Date

Sam and Bucky in therapy?  It sure looks that way after the new trailer for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was released during the "big game" by Marvel Studios.  We also have a confirmed release date for the series.  Before we get into that, here's the trailer, in case you missed it:

Just a few quick observations, if I may.  First, it's great to see Sharon Carter back on screen, isn't it?  Second, I'm happy that Baron Zemo will finally get the super villain suit treatment that he deserves.  Finally, I think the buddy cop vibe that's going on with Sam and Bucky will work on so many levels.  Those new partners never get along in the early going do they? I'll even throw in an extra one:  Marvel really wants to keep U.S. Agent under wraps don't they?

I know that everyone is laser focused on WandaVision right now, and rightfully so.  It's also good knowing that, almost immediately after that series ends, we'll be getting the first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.  The series is set to premiere March 19th, from Marvel Studios, exclusively on Disney+.  I know that we're all missing the big screen experience from Marvel Studios right now, but WandaVision has been such a home run for Marvel, that it has to give you hope that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be just as good in it's own way.

Keep checking back for more updates on this series, and any other Marvel big and small screen updates.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney+