Will Poulter To Lead ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series For Amazon

UPDATE: Poulter has dropped out of the series due to scheduling conflicts. See the original story below.

Will Poulter is headed for Middle Earth. Variety is reporting that the Maze Runner and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch actor will play the lead role in Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series. The report does say that this is just one of the lead roles, as there are expected to be several key characters. There are apparently discussions going on with actress Markella Kavenagh, as well.

The creative team for the project seems like it’s as large as the world it is charged with bringing to the screen. We really don’t know much about the show, only that it takes place before the Fellowship of the Ring. There was also a random map posted at one point, but it hardly leads to answers.

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Photo Credit: Netflix

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