WB & Netflix Strike A Deal With The Devil For Season 6 Of ‘Lucifer’

After “lengthy, difficult negotiations” things are looking good for a sixth season of Lucifer. Deadline reports that Tom Ellis has indeed signed on to play the title role for an unexpected sixth season. Nothing has been officially announced for a renewal by Netflix or Warner Bros. TV, all signs point to that being the case.

You might remember our last report, where negotiations hit a snag and things were very much in doubt. Ellis was the last domino to fall, as other key players have apparently already signed on. That includes longtime showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich.

When the renewal is announced, the report says the original plan was to return to production in September. Given the current pandemic, who knows if that will be possible. Good news is, Season 5 has yet to premiere on Netflix. As a matter of fact, since it was supposed to be the final season, there are extra episodes. There had been talk of splitting Season 5 into two parts.

There are a lot of details yet to be announced, but things are looking good Lucifans. Keep checking back for updates.