Episode 318 – The Vast of Night: Jake Horowitz & Sierra McCormick Interviews

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  • Cape's Out - Henry Cavill could be returning as Superman.
  • Cut It Out - We discuss fans wanting even more original cuts of movies after the Snyder Cut success.
  • YouTube, No Mercy - Cobra Kai is looking for a new streaming home.
  • Delayed Republic - The new Star Wars publishing initiative has been delayed due to the coronavirus.

Feature Interview

Turn on your radio and call the switchboard, because we're headed back to the 1950s! We're talking about The Vast of Night, a new sci-fi movie on Amazon Prime Video. Hear from both stars Jake Horowitz (Everett) and Sierra McCormick (Fay Crocker) about their respective characters, what it was like turning back the clock, how the movie deals with it's own mystery and so much more. Plus, they'll tell you how this movie busts all of the usual tropes! WATCH THE VAST OF NIGHT ON AMAZON PRIME VIDEO NOW AND AT SELECT DRIVE-IN THEATERS!