Henry Cavill Returning To Play Superman

It seems like it’s been forever since Henry Cavill said that the, “cape is still in the closet.” At that point, it seemed like he was the only one who the only one who thought he might put it on again. Well, there is a reason that symbol stands for hope.

Deadline was the first to report that Cavill was in negotiations to return to the role of Clark Kent/Superman in the DC movie universe. ComicBook.com would later confirm that, and add that Cavill would appear in several DC films in a supporting role. This doesn’t surprise me one bit.

I have been saying for a while now that Superman would likely appear in Shazam! 2 or Black Adam. Warner Bros. left the door wide open for that with their headless Superman cameo. That never served to confirm or deny Cavill returning to the role. It also helps that Cavill’s popularity has soared thanks to some high profile post-Superman roles.

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Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures