‘The Boys’ Made The Biggest Impact During Comic-Con@Home (VIDEO)

Comic-Con just wasn't the same thing year, and it's ok to admit that.  How could it have been?  If you have ever attended the massive gathering in San Diego, you know this to be true.  That doesn't mean that the event still didn't have major impact.  There were a lot of big stories, trailers, clips and more that were shown during the virtual panel.  There was one that just stood head and shoulders above the rest.

The Boys is heading into it's second season on Amazon in September.  You might remember that the series premiered during SDCC in 2019 at a massive outdoor fan event.  Having to do things virtually this year, it was going to be hard to top that.  Then they showed a clip that, to me, is easily the most memorable moment of this Comic-Con@Home experience.  If you haven't seen it yet, prepare yourself.  Actually, to be honest, nothing can prepare you for this if you haven't seen it yet.

I think we'll all remember the year that Comic-Con went virtual, that's a given.  Beyond that, you have to ask yourself how many moments you are going to remember beyond that.  It's hard to have that kind of lasting impression in a virtual event like this.  That scene, that clip, I can honestly say that I will never forget that.  Credit to everyone who works on The Boys and to whoever decided that would be the clip that was shown.

The panel itself was pretty good too, of course.  The cast actually talked about that scene and revealed that it was Karl Urban who was actually driving the boat.  Showrunner Erik Kripke also revealed that the whale in the scene was a practical effect.  Yes...they built a whale.  That is just a fraction of what this show is willing to do in order to stand out and be the best show you will watch all year.  Everyone seemed to keep saying that this season is even crazier than the last.  It's hard to imagine, given what happened in Season 1, until you see that clip.

So, with all due respect to everyone else who put their heart and soul into their panels, you're all playing for second place this year.  Jack Quaid (who plays Hughie) said several times that no one was ready for The Boys Comic-Con@Home panel.  He was 100% right.  Now you can't help but wonder what they could possibly do next.

The answer to that begins to reveal itself when The Boys premieres on Amazon Prime Video on September 4th.  For more of our coverage of Season 2 so far, go here.

Photo Credit: Jan Thijs/Amazon