‘The Boys’ Adds To The Season 2 Hype With Two New Clips

Regardless of what happens between now and September 4th, I am so hyped for Season 2 of The Boys. To be fair, I’ve been looking forward to it ever since the end of Season 1. Everything that we have seen so far tells us that this season will push things even further. We had that epic clip that was shared during Comic-Con@Home, and now we have a couple more.

In this first clip from Episode 2, Butcher has returned to The Boys, but not everyone gives him a warm welcome. Check it out:

I mean, does Hughie have a point? You could certainly see why he would say that. It’s not like anyone else spoke up. That doesn’t mean that they won’t at some point.

This next clip is from Episode 3, and seems to happen right after the clip shown at Comic-Con. The Seven arrive to go after the “terrorists”, but find The Deep distraught over the whale. Find out how Starlight reacts to seeing him.

The Deep is just lucky that Starlight had company, because that could have ended differently. That hug between Deep and Homelander though: priceless.

Season 2 of The Boys will premiere it’s first three episodes on September 4th on Amazon Prime Video. Keep checking back for our review and more coverage. For more info, go here.

Photo Credit: Jasper Savage/Amazon