‘Strange Academy’ Trailer Released By Marvel

Sorcerer school is about to be in session. March 4th marks the first day at Strange Academy from Marvel Comics. Check out the trailer:

The superstar team of Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos join forces to tell this story of this new school for some special young people. Here is the official synopsis: “With the threat of mystical mayhem looming on the horizon, Doctor Strange enlists the magical elite to help him found Strange Academy – a place where students of any background can come to study under the planet’s most powerful mages. Can these young sorcerers learn to control their supernatural talents, or could one of them prove to be an even greater threat than what Strange has been dreading!”

In a statement released by Marvel, Young says, “It’s gonna be big and fun and magical and weird and exciting and all the things you want out of a Marvel comic.” While Young will be writing this story, I really hope we’ll get a variant cover or two out of him as well.

Keep checking back for my review!

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics