‘Green Hornet’ Film Reboot Announced; Will It Be Female Led?

We’ve seen this movie before…literally. Still, you can always count in Hollywood to keep bringing characters back for another crack at big screen success. Variety reports that The Green Hornet is the latest reboot that has been announced.

This time around, Amasia Entertainment has acquired the rights. Co-founders Michael Helfant and Bradley Gallo made the announcement, but no word on if they will actually produce the new movie. Helfant actually spent a year with Marvel Studios in 2005. So what will make this reboot different?

While little to no details have been released, there is something that they can do. It feels like a good time to give the world a female Green Hornet. Since the radio drama in the 1930s, The Green Hornet has been male. Even his trusty sidekick Kato was male until the Dynamite Comics written by Kevin Smith a few years ago. The only female Green Hornet (that I have found) came shortly after that in a comic run by Amy Chu, that continued Smith’s run. I’m not saying that you have to adapt that exact story, but it would be a way to breathe life into a movie that didn’t really work nine years ago with Seth Rogan.

Sometimes a move like this could seem like pandering, but in this case, I feel would be a genuine fresh start for the character and the franchise. You’ve gone as far as you can go with The Green Hornet, if you’re going to reboot it, really reboot it. A female led Zorro TV series is in the works, so why not do this?

No release date has been announced. Keep checking back for updates.

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