REVIEW – Scout’s Honor #1

Scout's Honor #1 - AfterShock Comics

Written by David Pepose

Art by Luca Casalanguida

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by Carlos M. Mangual

Cover by Andy Clarke & Jose Villarrubia


Until recently, you likely hadn't experienced what being in quarantine is like.  Granted, you likely weren't completely locked in, but still it can make you a bit crazy.  Likely not "form a cult" crazy, but dealing with a pandemic and a nuclear holocaust are probably a bit different.  That is the world we are opened up to in the new AfterShock Comics story, Scout's Honor.

The story follows a group of survivors of said fallout who have formed a cult, with their bible being an old Boy Scout manual.  Yes, full of some very unique merit badges and everything.  As far as the world that was left when they emerged?  Let's just say the destruction seems like the least of their problems.  The story follows Kit, who has one very unique problem:  she is not a boy at all.  So, stuck in a male-centric cult, that's a secret she will have to keep.  Kit is tough, determined and very much believes in what the Ranger Scouts are doing.  During a mission, Kit makes a discovery that could shake the very foundation that this new society was built on.  The first issue goes from survival to a quest for the truth thanks to a cliffhanger in the final couple of pages.

This book was described to me as Fallout meets Mulan, and I would say that is pretty apt.  There are obvious reasons for those comparisons, but the blend actually makes for quite an interesting story.  Not to mention that, with each passing page, you'll likely feel the unease of learning more and more about this cult and their creed.  I get why that might make you turn away from this story, but as it turns out, there is much more to this group than what's on the surface.  By the end, you'll likely want to peel the onion a bit more.  I will say that we need to know a bit more about Kit, which hopefully happens in the next issue.  I want to root for her, and there are certainly reasons to, but I need a bit more.  Give me that Katniss Everdeen-esque moment, but keeping in mind that Katniss knew the truth far before the volunteered as Tribute.

The art is fairly good, and adds some nice grit to a landscape that should look far from polished.  I actually think that the strength of the art comes in the character design.  The creatures that we meet, and even some of the tech, is definitely eye catching.  You have to credit the lettering here too, because there are some moments that really stand out more because of the way it is lettered.

Overall, it's a solid start in a week that was flooded with big named titles.  So, if you were tapped out thanks to a massive New Comic Book day in the first week of 2021, this is a book you might have missed.  It's worth revisiting, and I'll definitely have an eye out for the second issue myself.

RATING:  3.5/5

(This book is just one big moment away from having a much higher rating.  The foundation of the story is solid, and feels like it's one punch away from being a knockout.  Hopefully it keeps swinging going forward.)