‘Green Arrow and The Canaries’ Not Moving Forward At The CW

Maybe the many months of silence should have been a clue? Still, I was one of the fans that was holding out hope that Green Arrow and the Canaries was still in the plans for the Arrowverse. Sadly, that looks to not be the case.

Variety reports that the Arrow spinoff series will not be moving forward at The CW. While this isn’t shocking, it is still a bit disappointing. After the announcement of sereval new DC TV series being announced for the network, something clearly had to go. The field was just too crowded, and the Canaries were an unfortunate casualty.

The spinoff was set to star Katherine McNamara as Mia Smoak, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance, and Juliana Harkavy as Dinah Drake in the futute timeline battling the Deathstroke gang. The backdoor pilot, now the only actual episode of the series, did end on a cliffhanger with Mia’s brother William. Who knows if that story will ever be revisited or resolved.

Not all hope is lost that we will see these ladies in these roles again. David Ramsey will be bringing Diggle back to the Arrowverse, so the door clearly doesn’t seem to be closed for characters on the flagship series. Luckily we still have Wonder Girl, Naomi and Painkiller to look forward to (and that’s just what we know so far.) If there are any new developments, we’ll keep you posted.

Photo Credit: The CW/Iconic Nephilim