Jeremy Renner Drops New ‘Hawkeye’ Poster On Social Media

Jeremy Renner may be ready to rock out in his music career, but he will still be making a stop on Disney+.  We found out at SDCC 2019 that a "Hawkeye" TV series, starring Renner, will be coming to Disney+ in the Fall of 2021.  We also know that the show will introduce Kate Bishop as the new Hawkeye (or at least in training.)  So how will Kate look suited up?  Renner may have just given us a look in a post that you  might have missed over the weekend.  See for yourself:

I'll admit, it's not much, but it's a pretty cool reveal before Disney's upcoming D23 celebration.  We might even get a full first look at Kate Bishop in costume there, who knows.  For a who show that we won't even see for about a year and a half, I'd say this is a pretty nice tease.  What do you think of the look?

(Photo Credit: Marvel Studios)

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