Episode 335 – L.A.’s Finest: Brandon Margolis & Brandon Sonnier Interview

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Imagine a comic that could predict a pandemic long before it happens? Is it real or just science fiction? We dive into Utopia from Amazon Prime Video. No Spoilers!


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Nerd News

  • Super Ending - Supergirl will end after it's upcoming sixth season.
  • Back To Work - We tell you when your favorite DC TV series is likely to start filming again.
  • Peace To The Max - A major spinoff series from The Suicide Squad is coming to HBO Max.
  • Trailer Talk - WandaVision
  • Marvel Studios Shuffle - Black Widow being delayed causes a Marvel movie chain reaction.

Feature Interview

Bad Boys for life, but this week it's ladies first. We're talking about L.A.'s Finest, now airing on Fox, with the show's creators and executive producers Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier. Hear them talk about their love of the Bad Boys universe, the dynamic between Syd and McKenna, working in Easter Eggs and much more! Plus, did Gabrielle Union really shoot herself in the butt on set? We have the story! WATCH L.A.'S FINEST MONDAYS AT 8PM ON FOX!

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