Episode 324 – The Old Guard & Iron Man VR – Greg Rucka & Chantelle Barry Interviews

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This Week In Geektainment - Interview Special

We take you into the world of Marvel's Iron Man VR with Chantelle Barry! She talks about playing Ghost in the exciting new game, what her character's vendetta is against Tony Stark and what she loves about the game in general. Plus we'll talk about her roles in Doom Patrol and Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe.

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Nerd News

  • Wilder Bat - A new Batwoman has been cast for The CW series.
  • New Stargirl, One Universe - DC's Stargirl has been renewed, but is leaving DC Universe.
  • Trailer Talk - The Boys Season 2, Umbrella Academy Season 2, Transformers War For Cybertron: Siege
  • Marvel Gets Younger - New original graphic novels are coming from Marvel and Scholastic.

Feature Interview

This week's show will live forever! We're talking to Greg Rucka who is the screenwriter, and also the original comic book writer, for The Old Guard. Find out what Greg says it was like going from the page to the screen, having the ability to be the screenwriter and how each character has their own part in the story. You'll also hear his hopes for a possible sequel! WATCH THE OLD GUARD STREAMING NOW ON NETFLIX!

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