‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Trailer Revealed

The devil is back, but maybe not how you think. The trailer for Season 5 of Lucifer already has Lucifans all over social media talking. See for yourself:

He said his name is WHAT!? Yeah, you heard that right. It looks like we might just get twice the Tom Ellis this season. I certainly don’t think anyone will complain about that. You have to hand it to Ella for having the most hilarious line I’ve seen in a Lucifer trailer every.

As for the image you see, Episode 4 will be a crime noir episode. I might be just as excited about that as I am for anything else this season. I’m personally a fan of the genre, and as a big Lucifan myself, it’s only natural to combine those two passions. I think Lucifer would approve. These images were first released by Entertainment Weekly before being released by Netflix.

Season 5, Part 1, arrives on Netflix August 21st.