What! Psych: The Movie 2 Is Officially Happening

After Psych returned with a movie around the holidays two years ago, many fans (including myself) hoped that it wouldn't be the last time we saw Shawn, Gus and company.  Wait for iiiiiit...our Christmas wishes will be answered once again!  The good news was delivered via Twitter from the official Psych page.  See for yourself:

Having a sequel is great, but having Lassie back is even better!  That's right Psych fans, Timothy Omundson is returning!  I know we saw him for a quick minute in the last movie, but it seems as if he will have a much bigger role this time around.  There are also various reports that Jimmi Simpson will once again return, which continues to be a hilarious part of the Psych fandom.  I'm also very excited about Joel McHale joining the cast in an unconfirmed role.  Rumors seem to have him possibly  playing the villain and someone from Lassiter's past (according to comicbook.com).

The team is headed back to Santa Barbara, but it doesn't seem like they will receive the warmest of welcomes. The movie has already been filmed and will once again be released during the holiday season this year.  We might not have to wait too long to get more information.

When the first Psych movie was announced, they also returned to Comic-Con for the first time in a while.  You can re-live our interviews with the cast and producers here.  Could the same thing happen again at the 50th anniversary of Comic-Con?  If it does, we will have complete coverage for you!

Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network