‘Undone’ Season 2 Release Date & First Look Revealed At SXSW

It seems like forever ago that Prime Video introduced us to the visually striking series, Undone. The rotoscope series, starring Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk, took us on a ride of time travel and family mystery. Now, we know when the series will return.

At this weekend’s SXSW festival, it was revealed in a panel that the series would bring eight more episodes on April 29th. We even got a first look clip, as well:

Here is the little bit that we know about Season 2, so far: “In Season 2, Alma realizes there are deeper mysteries in her family’s past. However, no one in her family is interested in digging into these uncomfortable truths — until she finally convinces Becca to help. As the sisters search for answers, they unravel a complex network of memories and motivations that have shaped who they are today.”

Will this sisterhood be able to uncover the truth? We’ll have to wait until next month to find out. If you want to know more about Undone you can go back to our interviews from Season 1. Keep checking back for more Season 2 updates.