‘Titans’ Season 3 Teaser & Release Date Revealed

“This is Gotham. People die here. People like us.” That line is already tattooed onto my mind. That comes from Dick Grayson, and you’ll hear it in the first teaser for Season 3 of Titans from HBO Max. It also offers some significant first looks at characters and locations.

So we get to see Red Hood for the first time outside of the initial first look photos. We also get to see Amusement Mile, which definitely means bad news for Jason Todd. We only get quick looks at Scarecrow and Barbara Gordon, but this is only supposed to be a teaser. The best news is the release date.

Season 3 of Titans will premiere Thursday, August 12th on HBO Max. Yes, episodes will be released weekly. The season finale will be October 21st. This season promises “old friends and new enemies”, and since we’re talking about Gotham, that could mean a lot. We’ll have more updates as they happen.

Photo Credit: HBO Max