‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ Wave 3 Titles Announced At Comic-Con@Home

If you’re a fan of Star Wars beyond just what’s on the screen, it’s been an exciting time. Star Wars: The High Republic has introduced us to some great characters and provided interesting stories to expand on the mythology. With the second wave of stories already underway, Lucasfilm Publishing and Disney Press took to Comic-Con@Home to announce what was coming in “Wave 3”.

Here’s a summary of what was announced:

Adult Novel #3 will be written by Claudia Gray, titled The Fallen Star (Del Rey)

· Young Adult #3 will be written by Daniel José Older, titled Midnight Horizon (Disney Lucasfilm Press)

· Middle Grade #3 will be written by Justina Ireland, titled Mission to Disaster (Disney Lucasfilm Press)

· Charles Soule will pen two 30-page issues (Marvel Comics) called The Eye of the Storm that will tell the backstory of Marchion Ro 

Remember, we’re not just talking about novels, it’s all ages comics as well from both Marvel and IDW Publishing. This third wave begins in January of 2022. The next Wave 2 release will be Out of the Shadows from Justina Ireland on July 27th of this year. Another thing to keep in mind with this waves is, we’re still in Phase I. There are plenty more stories still to come.

Did you miss the panel? You can see the whole thing here:

Photo Credit: Disney Press