‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ Officially Delayed

We've seen a lot of movies and TV series get delayed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.  New comics came to a crashing halt for nearly two months.  Now a major publishing initiative has also been struck with a big delay.

Star Wars: The High Republic was set to begin in a couple of months.  Now, according to StarWars.com, it has been officially delayed until January of 2021.  Light of the Jedi will still kick things off, just much later than anticipated.  Into The Dark moves to February 2, 2021.  The rest of the slate no longer has a release date at this time.

It seems like part of the reason for this delay is to allow time to get to the point where the release can be a celebration.  Sure, you could still get the books to fans, but Lucasfilm knows that this one needs to be big.  This is something very new, and very bold, so they want that splash.  Who could blame them?

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm