So…Does ‘Tenet’ Have A Release Date Or Not?

Full disclosure, I am really looking forward to what Christopher Nolan has put together with Tenet. It’s eerie, it’s mind bending and flat out intriguing. John David Washington looks like a star, and it will be nice to see another side of Robert Pattinson before the Bat. Problem is…when are we going to see it.

That answer should be obvious, right? If you look at the new poster above, it says July 17th of this year. I didn’t question that until I saw the new trailer that was also released on the same day.

In case you didn’t notice, it says “coming soon to theaters.” Seems to me that, if you were confident in that July date, you’d put it in your new trailer. It’s posted almost everywhere else, except the thing that will probably attract the most eyes. I get being iffy on release dates the way that the world is right now, but there feels like a mixed message here.

It’s very possible that I’m overthinking this, and it was just an oversight. Still, in an age of doubt, you inadvertently crested more of it. This is even more troubling if you consider how this could also shift the date for Wonder Woman 1984 again. The trailer looks great, I’m all in, now let’s just hope that July 17th sticks.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures