Review – Orphan Black: Helsinki #1

Orphan Black: Helsinki #1 –
IDW Publishing
Written By John Fawcett
                   Graeme Manson 
                   Heli Kennedy
                   Denton J. Tipton
Art By Alan Quah
Inks Assisted By Jeffrey Huet
Colors By Chris Fenoglio
Letters By  Neil Uyetake
As someone who has just started getting into the Orphan Black series (and loving it so far), I have been looking for an opportunity to jump into the new comics IDW.  Not only is this an opportunity to do that, but it’s a chance to dive into the codename Helsinki!  The clones of Project Leda are in danger, and they may not even know it yet.
The story follows Veera Suominen, and it starts off very much like the first season of the Orphan Black series.  Veera has no idea she is a clone, but a shocking discovery at home leads her to find that out.  Right away you’re disgusted by the actions in the first few pages, but as you keep reading, you can’t help but think back and wonder what the true motives were.  The difference in this story is that, unlike Sarah in the TV series, Veera is very unsure of herself and socially awkward.  This is making it difficult to carry our her plan, despite the fact that she’s very smart.  Then final page is very awkward for everyone involved, but definitely adds to the shock factor of the situation.
At first I was concerned with the number of writers working on this series, but those fears were quickly put to rest.  Involving a couple of the creators of the show definitely add to the continuity and authenticity of the story, and how it may tie in to the series.  The art is very good, especially in a story where facial expressions are key for adding tension to the story.  Even if you haven’t watched the show, I believe this is a series you could still read and not be lost.  As someone who hasn’t gotten past the first season of the show myself, I was not lost and really enjoyed it.  I think you will, too!

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