Review – Ghostbusters Annual (2015)

Ghostbusters Annual (2015) – 
IDW Publishing
Written by Erik Burnham
Art by Dan Schoening
Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado 
Strap on those proton packs, because this is a supersized issue!  I felt like this was the perfect time to pick up a Ghostbusters comic from IDW and see if it reminded me of the classic films.  What was great about this annual is, they give you a quick recap of what’s been happening and give you the ability to dive right into this new story.  Unfortunately, things are not great for the guys early on.
The Firehouse is in shambles from their previous battle, and focus seems to be on the future, until a case comes walking through the door.  Since he’s on the cover, I can tell you that it is the Sandman.  What I love is that they definitely add a creepy factor to the Sandman that you wouldn’t expect from a book that’s so lighthearted.  There is some tension during a battle in the middle of the issue that makes you REALLY wonder if something is about to happen to one of your favorite characters.  What’s great is that, you get the sense that these are the characters that you know and love, not just some comic book knock offs.  Their personalities are captured well, but I will say Winston is a bit more grumpy than you’ll remember him.
With this comic, you get a great main story, but you also get even more.  There are a bunch of one shot comic strips towards the end of the book from different artists and writers that are very entertaining.  The main story itself definitely makes you want to see where it’s going beyond this one issue.  With all the change surrounding the Ghostbusters movie franchise, this series may be a good place for you to find your center.

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