Review – Misfit City #1

Misfit City #1 – 
Boom! Box / Boom! Studios
Written by Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten
Art by Naomi Franquiz
Colors by Brittany Peer
Letters by Jim Campbell
Life in a small town is all about perspective.  Maybe you love the fact that everybody knows everybody and you’re outside the hustle of the big city.  Then again, maybe you wish something would happen to put your small town on the map.  Speaking of maps, this week we’re heading to Oregon and the adventures (or lack there of) in Boom’s new series, Misfit City.
The story takes place in Cannon Cove, Oregon to be exact, small town and tourist trap rolled into one.  This small Oregon town was the setting of a major cult classic movie from the 80s, which now drives the locals crazy.  We meet four young women who are locals, and the “Gloomers” drive them crazy.  When something happens to one of the older locals in town, the local film museum receives a donation that may be more than anyone expected.  Macy works at the museum, but she seems more concerned about her band and just living out her life.  As it turns out, someone else is VERY interested in what was donated, and will do whatever it takes to get it back.  That’s when the story takes a turn.  One minor incident and a twist of fate later, the very last page of this book is where the story really starts to begin.
This first issue was exactly what I thought it would be.  We get introduced to the characters, get a sense of their personalities and set a premise.  I also love that Smith and Lustgarten made the town itself a character, in their own way.  Smith’s script writing background definitely comes through too, as this really did feel like the first act of a feature.  The book is clearly an homage to “Goonies”, and they make no apologies for that.  At the same time, they found a way to twist the story in a unique way and give it different beats, so it doesn’t have that reboot-esque feel.  The art and colors work very well together, and really help set the mood for certain panels.  To me this is a young adult home run, but it’s also a book that can be enjoyed by all age groups.  If you are a “Goonies” fan, this is definitely something you will enjoy.  Even if you aren’t, this is a solid young adult adventure story that is very much worth your attention.  Let the adventure begin!