Review – Mass Effect: Discovery #1

Mass Effect: Discovery #1 –
Dark Horse Comics

Story by: John Dombrow & Jeremy Barlow
Script by: Jeremy Barlow
Art By: Gabriel Guzmán
Colors By: Michael Atiyeh
Letters By: Michael Heisler

Video game comics, much like video game movies, have always been a little bit tricky. Diehard fans will always be a stickler for the source material, but it is also up to the creators to give readers something fresh and interesting within the same universe. On the heels of the release of Mass Effect Andromeda comes this new limited series from Dark Horse. Let’s see if Discovery is a worthy tie-in.

The story centers around the Turian military and those who are behind the Andromeda project. Something is not right, but the trouble comes with not what they believe but what they can prove. The main character, Sanjin Vinnick, decides to go undercover at great risk to find out exactly what is going on. I won’t spoil it, but he has other motives for wanting to do this as well. No surprise, he gets a chance to prove himself by looking for someone integral to the project. Again, I will not spoil who it is, but something happens in the final pages that lead us to believe they are more than what they appear.

While there were parts of this book I enjoyed, it also felt a bit rushed to me at times. You don’t want to drag things out too much in a four issue series, but I feel that readers who are not huge Mass Effect fans don’t get MUCH character development in the first issue. The art did not blow me away, but any panels involving the Turians were pretty solid. I feel like Dombrow and Barlow have a nice, noir type story here. The only problem is, this is a limited tie-in with no real ability to flesh out a story and play the long game. I’ll see what happens in Issue 2, but I am worried that casual readers and casual video game fans may not be able to fully appreciate this one.