REVIEW – Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 6 – “B Sides”


Do you remember that song, "Put Your Records On"?  Sure it was a huge hit, but it wasn't to be taken literally.  This week's episode of Marvel's Cloak & Dagger does exactly that with Tandy Bowen.  Let's see what's on the "B Sides".

Normally when I do these reviews/recaps, I like to go in order or focus on each piece of the episode by character.  The way this episode is presented, I think I have to do things a bit differrent this time.  A lot of this episode takes place inside Tandy's mind, or in illusions created for her, however you want to describe it.  If you remember, the last time we saw Tandy, she was being knocked out by Lia and one of those ambulances was on it's way.  Lia wouldn't be the only one responsible for those missing girls, but I'll get back to that a bit later on.

We see records being taken out, with each one labeled as a perspective that would be taken on her life.  Things may have started out perfectly, but got more and more broken as things went on.  First we see a vision where she is a ballet dancer in New York, and Ty is a New Orleans police officer.  There is another version where Tandy actually work FOR Roxxon.  There is even a version where she's trying to save the shore birds, and we even get to see Liam pop back in.

There were two constants in all of these illusions.  The first was that, Tyrone always ended up being a part of them in some way shape or form.  He may not have known who Tandy was in all of them, but their paths always crossed and their stories always seemed to converge in some way.  The other constant was Tandy eventually realizing that what she was experiencing wasn't real.  Every time this happened, we would see her passed out with a dagger in her hand and Lia injecting her with something.  That's when we find out that Lia wasn't the only one there.

It looks like Andre, who seemed like he was helping Tandy find these missing girls, might be the one responsible for the whole operation.  This will definitely not do much for Tandy's already serious trust issues, especially with men.  Can you really blame her at this point?  Andre appears to be the one driving these illusions, and looks as if he is trying to break Tandy.  Eventually Tandy actually finds her way to him in these illusions, and confronts him.  That's about when we think that she actually escapes.

Tandy finds her way out and back to Tyrone.  She tells him everything that happens, and that they cannot let Andre and Lia get away with this.  So Tyrone jumps them to Andre's office, where it looks like they are about to take him down for good.  Long story short, Tyrone ends up getting shot several times by Andre and is dying in Tandy's arms.  Now I know what you're thinking, why didn't he jump out of there?  Why didn't he just absorb the bullets into the Darkforce?  That's because this was the final illusion.  Tandy feels like Tyrone the only person she has in her life, and the illusion of him being taken away was meant to break her.  That is the exact question that we are left with.

This was another intense and well crafted episode of Cloak & Dagger.  These alternate realities all had their interesting moments, and gave us a nice glimpse in to how things may have turned out differently for both Tandy and Tyrone.  It's easy to forget just how broken Tandy Bowen is.  Now we're going to see just how strong she has gotten.  Another question that I have is, will Tyrone eventually just be drawn to her when she really needs him?  That has happened in the past, and may be the only thing that can save Tandy at this point.  You also have to wonder how they'll stop Andre.  He feeds off of despair, and Tandy has that in bulk right now.  I am left to wonder what Tyrone and Brigid were up to during all of this, but I'm guessing we will find that out in this upcoming episode.

Normally I'm not a fan of having an episode like this that focuses on one character with such a short season.  In this case, I think it was a good time to put the spotlight on Tandy.  It's not like this is a complete deviation from the plot of the season.  We have had two concurrent storylines running at the same time, split between Tandy and Tyrone.  My only real criticism is that we have not had nearly enough Mayhem recently, and I really hope that they get back to her at some point.  What did you think of this week's episode?

(Photo Credit: Freeform/Alfonso Bresciani)