REVIEW – Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 4 – “Rabbit Hold”


This week’s Cloak & Dagger was a real inside job (sorry, couldn’t resist!) Mayhem is nowhere to be found, Brigid is in full control for now and Tyrone and Tandy are left to face some harsh truths. Let’s head to the Darkforce dimension in “Rabbit Hold”.

One of Ty’s secrets is finally out. Tandy sees him capture Mayhem, but where does she go? The first problem is, Ty can’t really answer that question. The second is that Ty finally tells Tandy that he did the same thing to Connors. When will these two learn not to keep secrets from on another? Tandy is upset because she feels like Ty could have gotten his life back with Connors gone. She also needs info from Mayhem about the missing girls. The only solution? Tandy is going to have to go in there to look for herself. Ty is hesitant, since he doesn’t understand this power, but he agrees to let her go.

As for Ty, he can’t avoid mom any longer. That gang knows who he is now, so that means that she is in danger. She is happy to see him, but upset that he didn’t go on the run. When the gang arrives, Ty tries to Cloak them out of there, but it doesn’t work. That means it’s time to run the old fashioned way. Turns out mom has some skills, as she is able to steal a car for them to escape in.

It feels like Ty is really trying to do the right thing, but that effort almost always leads to some sort of disaster. He aided in starting a gang war, albeit unintentionally, and sort of led them to where they are now. Look what happens when he tries to turn himself in and clear his name? Chaos and almost right into the path of the police who don’t seem keen on taking him into custody. I do love how that doesn’t stop Ty from doing the right thing. It also seems to make everyone around him want to be better. If only that worked on Mayhem!

Speaking of which, Tandy is trying to navigate the Darkforce. She is met by a familiar face in young Tyrone. Clearly those who enter see someone important. Mayhem saw Fuchs, so take that for what it’s worth. She does find Mayhem, and even some of the information that she is looking for. It’s what she wasn’t looking for that slowed things down,

The thing about the Darkforce is, it makes you deal with repressed memories. Tandy sees records, actual records of these memories in a makeshift music store. We knew that Tandy had it rough, but this takes it up even more now.

While all of this is going on, Mayhem finds Connors. In true Mayhem fashion, she attacks him and even tries to hang him. Connors actually apologizes, but of course, Mayhem doesn’t care. Before she can finish him off, Tandy snaps out of it and saves the day. After everything that Connors has done to her and Ty, she still saves him. To me, this was a big hero moment for Tandy and even more proof of how far she and Ty have come.

Back with Ty, he is finally able to Cloak and get away from the police. He ends up back at the church, but so does everyone else. Ty is happy to see that Tandy is safe, but the rest of us aren’t so happy to see Connors escape out of a church window. This really blows Ty’s cover, whether Connors is really reformed or not. So where does everyone go from here?

This episode may have been some good therapy and self realization for our heroes, but it also raises the stakes. While they were both forced to deal with some deep personal issues, their safe place is now compromised. I just don’t trust Connors. If he’s truly reformed, why run? Why not try to find out what happened to him for months? I don’t think we’ll be happy the next time we see Connors.

How much more will we learn about Ty’s mom and Roxxon? What’s next for Mayhem? Will Brigid finally get fed up at the lack of respect she gets? Will Ty need to find a new place to live? Hopefully we will get more answers next week!