Gotham Re-Casts Catwoman For It’s Finale; Camren Bicondova Says Goodbye

Gotham will air it's series finale next week (Thursday, April 25th), but it will be with a new Catwoman.  Camren Bicondova has revealed that a new, older Catwoman has been cast for the upcoming finale.  Read her heartfelt post to fans here:

Bicondova wanted to make it very clear that this was a choice that she made, and not something she was forced into.  From my perspective, she was giving one last gift to Gotham fans.  While she did an incredible job at portraying the teenage years of Selina Kyle, which is something fans have never gotten to experience, she wanted the show to be able to bring Selina's "adult self" to the screen before it ended.  This is not only a huge show of respect to the fans, but to the character as well.  This is not a decision that was made lightly, I'm sure, but is an incredible gesture that I hope fans will really appreciate.  It also says a lot that Fox and WB allowed her to make this announcement, and not do so before a press release.  Allowing her to do this herself shows a tremendous amount of respect.

I'm sure you remember that Camren Bicondova was on our show a couple of years ago, and I remember the passion that she had for the character when we spoke with her.  What she has done with the character is incredible, and she has written a chapter for fans that they were unable to experience on screen before.  That is something that I personally will always thank her for.

So, who will the torch be passed it?  That would be actress Lili Simmons, who you might have seen recently on USA Network's The Purge series.  If you look at some photos, there is certainly some resemblance to Bicondova in a few of them, which helps the age progression make even more sense.  Even though it's only one episode, I do think that Simmons will be able to do the character justice.  I wouldn't expect to see any looks at this older Selina/Catwoman unitl the show airs (minus any leaks of course.)

How do you feel about Gotham re-casting an older Catwoman for it's finale?

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