Review – Maestros #1

Maestros #1 –
Image Comics

Written & Art by Steve SkroceColors by Dave Stewart
Letters by FonoGrafiks

Do you think that magic is all around us?  Maybe we’re not alone in the universe because there are other realms and dimensions, and not just alien life.  Welcome to the world of Maestros from Image Comics.  Let’s see how the storyboard artist for the Matrix puts this world of magic together.

The story centers around millennial named Will who has been banished from his realm by his father and the royal family.  This isn’t a spoiler (because it’s in the description for the book online), but consider this warning just in case.  His father, the Maestro, is dead and so is the entire royal family.  Now Will is about to be dragged back into a world that he thought he was free from.  To say this isn’t the greatest time to be back is an understatement.  There is a magical evil that is trying to finish the job that it started, and Will is being thrust into a position he never really wanted in the first place.  Not only that, but we have to keep in mind, he was banished.  So time will only tell if he will even be welcomed back.  We see his mother track him down, and what they are up against, but the book ends very much where the story will be beginning.

As I was reading this first issue, I will say that I feel like I missed out on some details.  Yes we were given a backstory eventually, and it did make sense, but I don’t know that it gave me any more attachment to the main characters.  If anything, it made me like a couple of them a little bit less.  The premise of this story is great, and some of the elements are good, but there were some completely random elements in this story that I feel like just were not necessary.  It seems like Maestros wants to be a combination of a couple of different stories, maybe an American Gods meets Lord of the Rings in a way, but isn’t sure where the focus should be.  The art is quite good, and in my opinion, was the best part of this issue.  Since this felt like a bit of a zero issue to me, and the real story won’t begin until Issue 2, I’m willing to stick around and see if this premise takes hold.  If this story finds it’s balance, I could see this being a big book for Image Comics


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