Review – Harrow County #26

Harrow County #26 – 
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Tyler Crook
Just in you were unaware, this Friday just happen to be a Friday the 13th.  Maybe you subscribe to the idea that this particular day is bad luck, or even creepy.  Maybe you just think it’s another day, or you’re just happy it’s Friday.  If you lived in Harrow County, I think you would be more apt to think the former were true.  It’s been a while since I checked in with Emmy, so let’s see what’s going on in Issue 26.
Emmy is in a desperate situation, trying to see if anything has happened to her Pa.  She’s enlisted the help of the Skinless Boy to help break through a supernatural barrier.  (WARNING:  SPOILERS FOR PREVIOUS ISSUED OF HARROW COUNTY.)  Not only does she fear the worst, she fears that her sister Kammi may be doing unspeakable things in her absence.  You really get a sense of panic and urgency while reading this issue.  Whether you are a new reader or a diehard fan, I don’t think it’s difficult to sympathize with a girl wanting to check on the welfare of her pa and her best friend.  Something has happened in this issue, and I will not spoil what it is, but it will most certainly have a HUGE impact on the story going forward.  We also see another character take a stand, and somewhat out of character I might add.  This issue ends on a very tense note, and is the kind of cliffhanger that leaves you screaming at the end for more.
I’ve said it before, so why not one more time?  Nobody does creepy like Cullen Bunn.  He also happens to be a great storyteller, but maybe even a better character builder.  Harrow County is great horror, but the world that has been created here is so masterful that it’s really hard to go wrong.  Then you add the amazing art by Tyler Crook, who I think has really taken his work to another level since starting on this book.  The “Haint Blue” is a nice touch on the narration, for anyone who is familiar with that southern superstition (or is it?)  This is the perfect book to read with Friday the 13th and Halloween both coming up.  Good horror should creep you out, but great horror should also make you think.  I can’t think of a book in the genre that does that better than Harrow County right now.

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