REVIEW – Killers #1

Killers #1 (of 5) - Valiant Entertainment

Written by B. Clay Moore

Art by Fernando Dagnino

Colors by José Villarrubia

Letters by Jeff Powell

Cover by Jonboy Meyers

There are certain rules in life that you should just know.  "Don't mess with ninjas" seems to be an obvious one.  Yet, time after time, somebody does and they end up paying the ultimate price.  Valiant takes us to the Ninja program and a mystery that's bringing  them together piece by piece.  Read our review of Killers #1 of 5 from Valiant Comics.

The story really centers around Ninja-G, even though she doesn't go by that anymore.  Now that she has  walked away from Ninja life, she was trying to build a life of her own.  A personal tragedy puts a stop to that really quick and now she wants revenge. The investigation leads her down an interesting path, but that is where the real mystery begins.  Is this a test from their former sensei or just another adversary seeking revenge?  That might be the most interested part!  Where this first issue leaves us definitely catches you off guard and sets a tone of unpredictability.

It really is hard to say no to a story about assassins with abilities.  You could read this book just for the art and be happy.  It's like watching a great martial arts film just to appreciate some of the amazing moves that you were seeing.  That's kind of how this comic felt.  Yeah there were a couple of tropes here and there story wise, but the action sequences really popped.  You will also find yourself getting caught up in the mystery of this story.  This is more than just an "all action, no substances" summer blockbuster.  The mystery makes sense and is easy to follow, but doesn't give much away.  This is also a great jumping on point for new readers.  Yes there is some familiarity there, but you coule pick this up and be fine.  Dagnino definitely brings it on the details in the art.  There is a quick few panels with some rain drops on them, and I swear I thought the page was wet.  That's how good this is!  This is a multi-layer mystery that just happens to be placed along with some top notch action.  The only thing that upsets me is knowing this will end after five issues.  So, I will have to savor them all.


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