REVIEW – ‘DC’s Stargirl’ Season 2 Premiere

UPDATED (8/13/21):  If you prefer to hear our SPOILER FILLED review which happened on Episode 380 of our podcast, click play.  Otherwise, continue reading for our spoiler free review.

Welcome back to Blue Valley.  Things are a bit more safe than when we first arrived.  Spoilers ahead for the first season, but DC's Stargirl began with the Injustice Society operating in secret in the town, plotting to reprogram the minds of millions.  It took a determined girl, her former sidekick stepdad and a band of misfits to eventually defeat them.  Fast forward and now the streets are safe thanks to the new JSA.  So, where do we go from here?

I got a chance to see the Season 2 premiere of DC's Stargirl a bit early, so I thought I would share some spoiler free thoughts before the premiere.  One thing that surprised me right away is, the first moments of the show are dark.  I know that the Season 1 premiere was action packed and intense, this is just downright horrifying.  It serves as a huge wake-up call to exactly how much one particular villain from this season in capable of.  What's even more terrifying is, this was just a small dose.

As for our heroes, they are still together but also carrying some burdens of their own.  You could probably guess some of what Yolanda and Beth might be going through, based on how last season ended.  I think that Rick's journey in this episode might surprise some people.  There's also a bit of a twist for Beth that could really shake up her world.  All of these factors actually add more depth to the characters that were established so well in Season 1.  You should be invested and hooked into what's happening to them.  What you'll see in this first episode counts on that greatly.

Then there's Courtney, still learning the ropes.  You'd think, based on last season, that she would be seasoned and ready to go.  Truth is, she has her own unique set of issues to deal with, too.  Imagine fighting the biggest battle of your life, after finding out that not everything or everyone was what they seemed.  How would you react?  One of the best things about this season is that they keep Courtney's personality the same.  You should watch this Season 2 premiere and, whether you agree with her or not, you'll say to yourself, "that's Courtney."

Life also goes far beyond the Cosmic Staff.  Remember she is still a high school student, still a teenager and still learning a lot as she goes also.  There's also the added pressure of being the team leader of the JSA, despite their success against the ISA.  Her mom and brother are also clued in on what's happening, and been happening.  Mike is an interesting character to watch for me this season.  Trae Romano really does a great job, and there are some very classic "Mike moments" already waiting for you in the Season 2 premiere.

Everything you loved about Season 1 is still there, just with new challenges and a few new faces making their presence known early.  The stakes might not necessarily be higher, but the pressure sure is and it's flowing through all of them.  It's heartfelt, relatable and just such a charming series to watch  Season 2 of DC's Stargirl premieres tonight (8/10) on The CW, and next day on The CW app.  You can also hear more from me about the Season 2 premiere, with spoilers, on Episode 380 of our podcast.

Photo Credit: The CW