REVIEW – Batwoman Season 3 Episode 13 – ‘We Having Fun Yet?’ (AUDIO)

Can Marcus be saved?  Can Alice be redeemed?  There were so many themes entering the Season 3 finale of Batwoman, that the stakes were extremely high.  Now that the episode has aired, I shared a spoiler filled review on Episode 408 of our podcast.

Hit play to go right to the review:

So what's next for Wildmoore?  Will we meet the new Beth?  The bigger question:  Will we get a Season 4?  I address that in the review as well, so be sure to listen until the end.  If there is any renewal news, you'll find it on our site and social media.  Remember that Batwoman Season 3 episodes are currently still available on The CW app, and will debut on HBO Max soon.

Photo Credit:  Colin Bentley/The CW