‘The Boys Presents Diabolical’ Showrunner Simon Racioppa Breaks Down The Crazy New Series (INTERVIEW)

Just when you thought The Boys couldn't get any more wild, they got animated.  The Boys Presents Diabolical is a new, animated series that is now streaming on Prime Video.  With several different animation styles and storytellers, it expands on the world of the live action series in some pretty interesting ways.  So how did it all come together?

Recently, I was a part of a press roundtable with series showrunner and executive producer, Simon Racioppa.  He talks about meeting new characters in the series, which episodes may be canon for the live action series, Simon Pegg finally being able to play Hughie and much more.  Hear parts of that conversation now, which was part of Episode 408 of our podcast.

Racioppa also talked about hopes for a Season 2.  We will keep you updated on any news regarding that, and of course, the live action series which is set to return in June.

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios