Our Favorite ‘Arrow’ Season 8 Blu-Ray Extras

Just in case you need a reminder, Arrow: The Complete Eighth & Final Season came out on Blu-Ray and DVD today. In our original story, I gave you the details of the special features that would come along with the release. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a look at those special features, and I have a couple of favorites. (All thoughts expressed are my own.)

There were a lot of deleted scenes on this release, and a lot of them were from Season 8 Episode 1. One scene in particular shows a very awkward dinner with Oliver, Moira, Malcolm and Tommy. Not only does Oliver reveal that he knows who Thea’s real father is, he also wants a tour of Queen Consolidated. Now it gets awkward for Oliver, when mom reveals that she merged the company with Merlin, and Tommy is the CEO. Trust me, you have to see the reactions for yourself.

Another favorite has to be the behind the scenes look at Kevin Conroy’s appearance as Bruce Wayne in Crisis On Infinite Earths. Not only do we get a quick Batman The Animated Series history lesson, we also see the joy on the faces of pretty much everyone involved, Conroy most of all. Not to mention, I could sit and listen to Kevin Conroy talk about the character of Batman/Bruce Wayne all day. It’s like listening to a master professor share his expert opinion on his chosen field. This is just one of many Crisis related extras on the Blu-Ray. Remember, all of the Crisis episodes are only available on that Blu-Ray release.

Arrow: The Complete Series is also available today as well.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW