Netflix Reveals A Big Addition To ‘Cowboy Bebop’, Including A Release Window

Fall seems like a good time to jam.  Netflix certainly seems to think so.  During Geeked Week they announced that as the timeframe that we will see the premiere of the live action Cowboy Bebop adaptation.  That wasn't the only big announcement they made.  No, I'm not talking about John Cho's hair.

I remember when I first started talking about the series, I had the same question that most fans did:  Who will be doing the music?  Sure this would still be a fun story about bounty hunters, but without the music, what would take it to the next level?  It looks like we won't really have to worry about that anymore.

That's right, THE Yoko Kanno will be responsible for all of the original music for the live action series.  For those who don't know, Kanno was also responsible for composing the music for the original anime series.  So you can't get much more authentic than bringing back the same person responsible for the original to this new adaptation.  So that puts the focus right back on the cast and the story.

If you want more info on the cast, and where you can save Cowboy Bebop on your list, go here.  Hopefully we'll get a trailer, or more of a first look, in the next month or so.  Keep checking back for updates.

Photo Credit:  Netflix