Batwing Is Finally Coming To ‘Batwoman’

I remember talking to Camrus Johnson about this day and this possibility. He was obviously excited, but also felt like Batwing was in the distant future. Well, the future is now. As you can see above, The CW has released the first look at Johnson in his Batwing suit from Batwoman.

Now here is his reaction to the reveal:

We knew that Luke Fox would become Batwing eventually. Given everything that’s been happening this season on Batwoman, the team definitely needs all of the help that they can get. How will this change the larger dynamic of the team? That remains to be seen. It does look like John Diggle (David Ramsey) will play a part in Luke eventually suiting up.

The suit itself was designed by Arrowverse vet Maya Mani. Talking about the new look, Maya said, “I wanted the Batwing suit to represent the bond between father and son, to show the love and respect that Lucius Fox had for his son, Luke. It was conceived within the realm of a child’s imagination; the suit is a bit fantastical and based on the whimsy of a young boy’s dream – complete with rocket boosters and hidden bits that pop out! The Batwing suit represents the combined talents of a solid team who all came together and met the many challenges of encompassing lights, moving parts and the need for mobility head on, bringing this character to life.”

The suit looks pretty legit to me, but I will save my full thoughts for Episode 371 of our podcast. We will see Batwing this season on Batwoman, so make sure you’re watching every Sunday on The CW.

Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/The CW