Netflix & Mattel Television Announce ‘Masters of the Universe Revolution’

Not too long ago, Netflix and Mattel changed the game for He-Man storytelling with Masters of the Universe Revelation. The stunning animation and high stakes story choices added some much needed energy into the franchise. To kick off today’s Geeked Week celebration, we find out that the power will return.

Netflix and Mattel Television have announced Masters of the Universe: Revolution. I had to check the title a few times just to be sure, so your eyes don’t deceive you. The best piece of news is, Powerhouse Animation is back as the animation studio for the series. Also returning will be Kevin Smith as executive producer. Other executive producers include Rob David, Ted Biaselli, Christopher Keenan and Frederic Soulie. Interesting to note that Kevin Smith, who was the showrunner for Revelation has yet to be named the showrunner for this series. The cast is also to be announced, so there is no word on whether or not any cast will return for this series.

The early description of the series says that Masters of the Universe: Revolution, “is an all-new story that brings the focus to He-Man vs. Skeletor like you’ve never seen them before. It’s technology versus magic as He-Man and the heroic warriors face the forces of Skeletor and a deadly threat to the Planet in MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVOLUTION – the next epic chapter in the battle for Eternia.”

This story picks up right where Revelation left off. The previous series wasn’t an overwhelming hit with fans, however, it seems odd to bring back members of the old creative team only to reboot the story. I enjoy Revelation, but if you want to give me a true He-Man versus Skeletor series, I’m never going to say no to that.

This news is pretty fresh, so keep en eye out here for updated and any answers to these questions.

Photo Credit: Netflix/Mattel Television