‘Skull Island’ Anime First Look Revealed

Why should Godzilla get to have all of the anime fun? We have known for a while now that a Skull Island anime series was coming to Netflix. Since it’s Geeked Week, we got a first look at the series and it leaves a big footprint (see above.)

We also got an updated synopsis for the series: “Skull Island, a thrilling animated adventure series, follows shipwrecked characters desperate to escape the most dangerous place on Earth—a mysterious island home to prehistoric monsters, including the greatest Titan of them all, Kong.”

It should be obvious by now, but this is a reminder that Kong is not the only monster on the island. Whether it be on screen or in comics, we have seen the other terrors that lurk throughout the landscape. One of our favorite animation studios will be responsible for bringing these prehistoric beasts to life.

That would be Powerhouse Animation, who will be work on this with Netflix and Legendary Television. Brian Duffield (Underwater, The Babysitter) will serve as writer and executive produce. Jacob Robinson will also executive produce under his company Tractor Pants. The voice cast will be announced at a later date.

Since we were only given a single image, my guess is we are a good amount of time away from a release date. Hopefully we will have another update to share soon.

Photo Credit: Netflix/Legendary Television