NBC’s ‘Manifest’ Adds 2 To It’s Season 2 Cast

We won't get to find out what's happening with our favorite passengers from Montego Air Flight 828 until midseason, but that hasn't stopped NBC from adding to the cast.  Deadline reports that two more names have been announced for recurring roles in the upcoming second season of Manifest and you might recognize them.

Leah Gibson (Marvel's Jessica Jones) will play Tamara, who is a bartender who works at an establishment frequented by X'ers (more on that in a minute.)  She will have some family by her side in the form of Carl Lundstedt (Marvel's Cloak & Dagger), who will play her brother, Billy.  While Tamara is described at "street smart and alluring", Billy is described as "protective" and a "hot head".  I'm sure that won't be difficult for Ben to deal with at all.

So who are these X'ers?  The report goes on to say that they are a group that feel that the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 are actually a threat to society.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out throughout the season, alongside the mystery itself.  Remember The Gifted did something similar in Season 2 with the Purifiers.  Fox went on to cancel the show at the end of that second season.  Here's hoping that Manifest has better luck.

Want more info on Season 2?  See our original story back when the announcement was made and the subsequent teaser that was released.  No air date has been given for the upcoming season, but it will be some time in 2020 on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBCUniversal

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